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Designing Together: my new book!

June 12, 2013

So, it turns out that I still know how to log into WordPress, which is great. I’m using this latent ability to tell you what I’m up to over the next few months.

If a blog isn’t for self-promotion, I always say, then what is it good for? Expression, conveyance of ideas, and meaningful discussion, you say? Maybe, but only in service to self-promotion. (Cynicism. It’s what’s for breakfast.)

A New Book: Designing Together

Designing Together: The collaboration and conflict management handbook for creative professionalsIn the next week or so, my new book hits the shelves, but don’t let that stop you from pre-ordering on Amazon. Designing Together is a book for designers who need to work… wait for it… together. It provides a framework for collaboration and conflict management, a set of behaviors and attitudes that cultivate productive relationships and team dynamics.

The book includes:

  • 28 collaboration techniques
  • 46 conflict management techniques
  • 31 difficult situation diagnoses
  • 17 designer personality traits

Designing Together also features sidebar essays from smart people who think deeply about design and collaboration:

  • David Belman (Threespot) on speaking the same language.
  • Mandy Brown (Editorially, A Book Apart) on transparency.
  • Erika Hall (Mule Design) on commitment.
  • Denise Jacobs (independent consultant and speaker) on fear and creativity.
  • Yoni Knoll (InfinityPlusOne) on the ultimate job description.
  • Marc Rettig (Fit Associates) on shared understanding and shared purpose.
  • Jeanine Turner (Georgetown University) on collaboration tools.

Oh, yeah. Scott Berkun wrote the Foreword. To say that I’m honored is an understatement. In fact, you can download a PDF of Scott’s Foreword and the table of contents. You totally want to buy the book now, right? Amiright?

Designing Together: The Workshops

My schedule includes two related workshops in the coming months. In fact, I assembled and taught these workshops before writing the book. They are highly interactive, and provide a safe place for people to talk about their most challenging work situations.

July 9
UXPA 2013 Conference, Washington, DC
Designing Together: Cultivating Collaboration in Creative Environments
In this workshop, we’ll talk about 10 essential behaviors for improving collaboration. We’ll identify the behaviors we each individually can work on the most and make a commitment to be more collaborative.

October 14
Digital PM Summit, Philadelphia, PA
Designing Together: Making Conflict Work for You
In this workshop, we’ll talk about some techniques for dealing with typical situations on design projects. You know the ones I’m talking about: stakeholders getting distracted by the competition or the creative director changing the strategy at every meeting. We’ll play my card game Surviving Design Projects.

Sign up for one of them. Heck, sign up for BOTH of them. In fact, if you’re in my workshop on July 9 AND you come to the workshop on October 14, I’ll give you a copy of the book AND the card game.

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