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Silly Amazon Prime Business Rule

February 3, 2012

A few weeks ago, my wife got an email from Amazon saying that she could no longer take advantage of Amazon Mom benefits. After a brief exchange with customer service, she learned that because she shares my Amazon Prime account, the Amazon Mom discount on diapers no longer applies.

We’re talking about 15% off diapers.

Seems like an easy fix: Make Sarah the Amazon Prime primary account-holder. Of course, this doesn’t appear to be possible through the Manage Prime Account.

So, now, for all the world to see, the email I wrote to customer service. I’ll be sure to post their response in the comments.

Currently, my wife and I are Amazon Prime members. The primary membership is attached to my account and shared with my wife. I’d like her to have the primary membership. Please let me know how to accomplish this.

Why do we want to switch?
My wife is no longer allowed to take advantage of Amazon Mom benefits through our Amazon Prime account. According to your policy, only the primary account-holder can use Amazon Mom benefits.

Why do we care?
Frankly, I’m sorry to bore you with the details, but it’s your silly rule. In our house, Sarah’s in charge of ordering all the stuff for the kids. She stays on top of this stuff. I order the stuff for the kitchen — paper towels, garbage bags. But you already know this. You know more about how we run our house than my own mother. Not that she hasn’t tried to find out.

The question is, why do YOU care?
Seriously, Amazon. The diapers come to the same house. We pay with the same credit card. Why do you care whether the Amazon Mom account is attached to the primary Prime account or a shared account.

Long-time customer, First-time complainer

As someone who designs for the web, I’m no stranger to silly business rules. Remember when you couldn’t return stuff to the store that you bought online? This seems like that, only more arbitrary and more obscure.

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  1. Dan B. permalink*
    February 7, 2012 3:39 pm

    So, Amazon replied to my question! Here’s the response. I’ll let you decide if this constitutes “world class customer service.”


    I understand that you are sharing your prime membership with your wife and would like your wife to have the primary prime membership.

    Unfortunately, we’ll not be able to transfer the primary membership. You may cancel your membership for a refund and suggest your wife to sign up for the paid prime. Your wife can then invite you to share her prime benefits with you.

    A this time, the Amazon Mom discounts are exclusive to the primary member. Customers receiving shared prime benefits aren’t eligible for MOM discounts.

    I understand your disappointment about the program changes to Amazon Mom. I will pass along this feedback to the Amazon Mom team.

    Please know that we value our customers tremendously, and as the program evolves, we’re working hard to ensure Amazon Mom will continue to offer great savings and convenience on diapers, wipes, and more for years to come.

    We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    I’m committed to providing world class customer service. Please tell me how I did by clicking the appropriate link below.

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