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The EightShapes Documentation Survey

April 8, 2009

One of the things EightShapes, my company, does is to help our clients improve their documentation practices. We look at the work they’re doing now, identify ways to improve their approach, create tools on a common platform, and instruct them how to use these tools and expand the set.

As part of this process, we survey and interview the design team and people who work with them. What we find is that many large design teams fall into the same traps and are trying to overcome the same obstacles, even in industries as different as high-tech and hospitality.

Last year, it occurred to us to run the survey that we use in these projects across the whole industry, to build a picture of how our field uses documentation.

To that end, we’ve launched the EightShapes Documentation Survey, an industry-wide inquiry on design documentation practices, techniques, and tools. The survey is actually dramatically different from the one we use in our practice, only because we wanted to cast a wider net. We had to make it applicable to a broader audience.


If you complete the survey, you could win a book! We’re giving away two copies each of my book (Communicating Design) and my partner’s book (Modular Web Design).

So, dive in! It’s 25 questions and won’t take you more than 20 minutes!

The EightShapes Documentation Survey

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